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Apply for a Grant

2019 Grant Applications 
Important Dates:
  • May 15, 2020 - technical review and feedback if you would like (not required)
  • May 31, 2030 - Final Application Due
  • July - Celebration of Awards 

We accept grant applications from the nonprofit organizations of Chebeague Island.

You will find four application files. Two are MS Word documents and two are PDFs.  Choose the one that works for your organization. One version of the application does not include a budget table (look for "NPB"- no project budget). You can use this version if your proposal does not include expenditures on consultants, contractors or large capital items.

The Recompense Fund board is here to help you with your grant applications and answer any questions you may have. We really want to make this a smooth and easy process for you.

This year, for the first time, you may submit a draft application before May 15th for a technical review and feedback to help you feel confident when submitting your final application by May 31st.

Awards will be made before the end of June.

In July there will be a community gathering to celebrate 2020 awards, where the nonprofits are required to present their plans and share news about their nonprofit.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Send your completed application to 

Learn more about writing grants

Writing a successful grant application is a process that begins with an idea. The attachment below provides easy tips for the grant writing process and  may help you plan more effectively.

  1. Read the guidelines and directions carefully. Use a checklist to be sure that you include everything that is required. Don't submit information that is not required

  2. Contact Recompense if you are unsure of something or if you have questions.

  3.  Have your application proofread to correct any errors.

  4.  Be as specific as you can with numbers, percentages, and other data.

  5.  Provide a detailed and accurate budget. Whenever possible, show that your project has other forms of support. Include in-kind support

Application without a budget table

Each organization receiving a grant from The Recompense Fund must complete the Progress Report near the end of the grant period and submit it to the Maine Community Foundation, with a copy to the Recompense Fund.  The completed report is due before an organization can apply for a new grant.

We are interested in hearing about the highlights of your successes and challenges with the grant. We would like to hear your ideas about improving our support for your work.

We are interested in hearing from you about the highlights of your successes and your challenges with the grant. We want to hear your frank ideas about improving our support for your work.

Creating a Strong Application
  1. Mission - Describe in 100 words or less, your organization’s mission or purpose and the primary populations you serve.

  2. Programs or Services - Describe in 100 words or less, one or two of your organization’s most important programs.

  3.  Project Description - Complete the following sentence in 25 words or less: We request support to__________.

  4. Overview - Provide a description of your project, including the overall goal and community need (s) you will address.

  5. Overview – List up to three specific results you hope to achieve, include a brief explanation of how you will track your progress and/or measure your results.

  6. Impact – For project requests:  Explain how this project will make the community stronger. For capacity building requests:  Explain how this project will make your organization stronger.

  7. Activities – List up to five specific activities you will do to achieve the results and impact you described above.

  8. Partnerships and Collaboration:  List any organization that you will partner with to make this project successful.  Include a brief description of what each partner organization will do in this project.

  9. Population Served – Describe the people who will most benefit from this project.  Include an estimate of the number of people who will directly benefit from or participate in your project.

  10. Key Project Personnel – List specific roles, responsibilities and qualifications of key personnel for this project.

  11. Budget Narrative – Describe how you plan to use the grant funds if you receive them in 200 words or less.  Please check the grant program guidelines for a list of what is eligible for support.

  12. Board Members and Advisoy Committee – The board list help reviewers assess the strength of an organization by considering the expertise and skills of the board.