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Who We Are

We are your friends and neighbors, all dedicated to keep Chebeague a vibrant, year-round community now and in the future. We do this through The Recompense Fund's support of island non-profits, whose volunteers serve so many. Contact any of The Recompense Fund's Board Members listed below to learn more about our operations. 

Elaine Clark
Meredith Beaupré

Meredith grew up on Chebeague Island and is married to Jean-louis (Bo) and has four children, Jade, Logan, Riley and Vincent. She works side by side with her husband running Chebeague Sand & Gravel. She is a tireless volunteer for many organizations including many years with Chebeague Parents Association and as past president. She is on the Chebeague Recreation Board and chair of the Kid's Place and is also a member of the Chebeague School Committee.



Elaine's career started in private law practice and then took a wonderful turn into public service where her background in real estate and construction law is put to good use. She has overseen real estate and leasing transactions and most of the State's publicly funded construction for close to 14 years, and did similar work while serving in senior administration at the University of Maine. 


Elaine currently serves as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services.


Elaine fell in love with Chebeague in the late 1980's when she and her children visited, and has been committed to the island ever since.


Justin Doughty

Justin summered on the island until the age of seven, when his parents decided to move there year-round with him and his younger brother Zach. He grew up lobstering every summer, and has worked at the Chebeague Island Boat Yard since 2007 and is lead mechanic. 


Justin joined Recompense so he could become more actively involved in its efforts to support the sustainability of Chebeague. 

Leila Bisharat.JPG
Leila Bisharat

Leila grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and received her Ph.D. from Princeton in 1976, just after the university first began to admit women. Both of her paternal grandparents were born and grew up on Chebeague.  As a girl Leila came summers to the island, enjoying relatives, reading and walking to the beach.


In 1982 she and her husband, Suhail, decided to make Chebeague their home base while working abroad or in Manhattan. Leila has had a career with universities, foundations, the United Nations and the private sector. She has lived on Chebeague year-round since 2002.  


Leila and Suhail’s family - three daughters, their spouses, grandchildren, and their extended families – share their love for the island. 


She served for many years as a Trustee of the Island Institute and as the Vice-President of the Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust. 


Chip Emery (2)_edited.jpg
Chip Emery

Chip first visited Chebeague in 1961 and spent numerous summers at the familyʼs cottage on Carters Point. He worked at the West Winds Camp run by his relatives Jan and Marion Friis. He performed in the first Chebeague Childrenʼs Summer Theater which sparked his passion for island music.  In 1975, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts, with a degree in General Business and Finance.


Chip has spent his professional life working for Shrink Packaging Systems Corporation, developing the new field of heat shrinkable packaging films and equipment. Using computers for collaboration, presentation, design and finance are at the core of the way he works..


In 1977 Chip and Vicki Hamilton, an 8th generation islander, married and raised their family outside Boston. In 1992 they built a cottage on Chebeague, where Vicki and their three children spent many Summers. In 2016, Chip and Vicki moved permanently to the island and look forward to giving back. 7 grandchildren visit frequently.


Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson grew up in Wayland, Massachusetts while summering as a teenager on Chebeague Island. She married islander Stephen Johnson in 1971 and has lived on Chebeague ever since.


She studied Civil Engineering at Northeastern and worked as an engineering technician with EC Jordan until 1975 when she changed careers to become a Master Plumber. She recently received a degree in Information Technology.


Beverly has served as President of the Chebeague Transportation Company as well as other island nonprofits, and was once Chair of the Cumberland Town Council when Chebeague was part of that town.

Beverly is Chair of The Recompense Fund.


Abby Julien

Abby Julien found Chebeague Island 40 years ago after her parents dropped anchor off Hamilton Beach and discovered a lovely, historic East End home. She and her husband, Aaron, raised their three sons in Falmouth, Maine and Amherst, Massachusetts, and on Chebeague in the summers; as soon as was feasible she and Aaron moved to Chebeague year-round.


Abby worked as a reporter and editor at several newspapers and the Associated Press. She remains involved in her family's newspaper company. She embraces the Recompense Fund's mission to promote and nourish the non-profits supporting a healthy year-round community.


Laura Summa

Laura grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts.  She and husband, Geoffrey discovered Chebeague Island in 1989 after searching the coast of Maine for the perfect “fixer upper”.  They raised their two children, John and Caroline on Chebeague.


She studied Art History at Connecticut College and then went on to Lesley College to earn her Masters in Management. Prior to coming to the island, Laura worked in business management of graphic arts, fine arts and architecture in Boston and New York.  


She has served on multiple island nonprofit boards as well as municipal committees and eventually discovered her passion for sustainable living. She currently works as chef at the Chebeague Island School, where she loves teaching young children the importance of healthy eating and the value of “breaking bread” with their community. Chebeague has afforded her endless opportunities while enjoying a simple, but rich life.


Morrison (Toby) Webb

Toby first came to Chebeague in 1952 with his grandmother. He has been back every summer since but one, when he was overseas in the Navy.


A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School, Toby practiced law with a firm in New York City and then as General Counsel of New England Telephone and NYNEX and as Executive Vice President of Bell Atlantic (now Verizon.)


He has been active with island singing groups and the Historical Society and with national genealogical groups and many non-profit boards.


Toby and his wife, Stacie, built their own house here in 2006, next door to his extended family's home on Cottage Road.


Betts Gabrielsen Mayer

Betts graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Psychology. She has had a career as a psychotherapist, an alcoholism specialist, lecturer and adjunct professor at Rutgers Summer School for Alcohol Studies.


She founded The Gabrielsen Group in Pennington, NJ, a multidisciplinary psychotherapy practice for the whole family specializing in various addictions.


Betts arrived on Chebeague at night in the rain for an October, 1993, weekend with her new boyfriend, Eldon. The next morning she met Earle Doughty at the Island Market, and found him very friendly and welcoming. Later, she met Madeleine Brewer at her home and has never forgotten her. Then she visited with Shirley Burgess, whom she found fascinating and delightful.  Eldon showed her every nook and cranny of Chebeague Island's beauty and charm as well as introducing these island stalwarts, convincing her to make the island part of her life.


Michael McNulty

Michael and his wife, Beth, fell in love with Chebeague Island on their first visit, in 1998. After visiting for years and then buying a home, they moved to Chebeague year-round in 2020. Their daughters, Molly and Abigail, also enthusiastically enjoy the island. 


Michael is a partner at Citrin Cooperman, a leading accounting firm based in New York City.  He has more than 30 years of experience as a business development executive in the government contractor arena.  Michael is the founder and CEO of McNulty and Associates, which joined Citrin Cooperman in 2022. 


Scott Searway

Scott is a Maine native and has owned property on Chebeague for over 17 years.  He is the majority owner of the Chebeague Island Boatyard.


He co-founded two large national industrial construction companies and an equipment rental company.


He is a graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy, where he founded an endowed Regimental Scholarship.  To date more than 90 students have received significant aid/scholarship awards from the J. Scott Searway Endowed Regimental Scholarship.


Scott has been an active supporter of The Ronald McDonald House in Portland, Maine for twenty years, and in 2015 received the “Heart of Gold” Award.  He has been a longtime Trustee of The Susan L. Curtis Foundation and Camp Susan Curtis, Maine’s largest summer camp for economically disadvantaged children.  He is a Vice-Chair of The Recompense Fund.


Scott and his late wife Jan have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren.


Jim Van Fleet

Born in Middletown, NY, Jim holds an economics degree from St. Lawrence University and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire.


He married Sarah Swann within “mere moments” of his first trip to the Swann cottage on Chebeague Island, and has been a summer islander since 1971, sharing island life with two children and four grandchildren.


Jim has worked in banking, land conservation, finance, and has led his own business. His nonprofit experience includes land conservation, municipal government and various nonprofit Boards.


Jim is Treasurer of The Recompense Fund.


Mally Cox-Chapman

Honorary Advisor


Mally first visited Chebeague Island in Maine in the summer of 1999, and has been visiting with her husband and children ever since.


She is the founder of Benefactory Philanthropic Advisors LLC, a consulting firm that provides strategic thinking on generosity to families of wealth and their foundations.

A feature journalist by training, Mally’s second book, The Case for Heaven, has been translated into four languages. Her third book, By the Water’s Edge is about gardening on Chebeague. 


Mally has appeared widely on TV and radio to talk about her work. She now blogs about philanthropy.  One of her blogs on Exponent Philanthropy, “Succession Planning: Becoming New After 40 years”, may be found on the Recompense Fund website under “In The Press”.

Eldon Mayer

Founder of The Recompense Fund

Eldon was born in Annapolis, Maryland as a “navy brat”.  He lived in numerous duty stations during his early years and usually returned each summer to Chebeague to stay with his grandparents.


He majored in economics at Princeton and was commissioned in the Marine Corps upon graduation.


His Wall Street career was spent in investment management; he started his own firm in 1976.


Eldon purchased a Chebeague seasonal cottage in 1972, built the “log house” in 1989, and retired to the island in 1998.


He founded the Recompense Foundation in 1991 and in 2013 transferred its assets to open the Recompense Fund at the Maine Community Foundation.

In 2020 Recompense Fund became it's own 501(c)(3) organization.

Past Board Members: Gail Miller, Jen Belesca, Doug Ross, Roy Jackson, Jon Rich, Joyce Souchek, John Wilson, Gary Ross, Ralph Munroe, Lewis Ross, Kim Hamilton, Sandi Whiston, Linda White and Manny Morgan.

Founder of Recompense Foundation: Eldon Mayer

Advisor: Mally Cox-Chapman

Youth Advisors: Amanda Campbell, Isaac Julien

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