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The Recompense Fund is a community asset that brings resources to island nonprofits to support their efforts to sustain Chebeague Island as a year-round  community.

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May 31st was the deadline for non-profits to submit their Recompense Grant Application and we all realize what a hard time it has been to get things done these days. The Recompense Board has decided to extend the deadline for ALL applications to June 6th.


The Recompense Fund is here to stay the course with all our Chebeague Non-Profits in their valiant response to COVID-19.


The Recompense Fund is poised to respond quickly to the immediate needs of all Chebeague Non-Profits through its Small Grants. Submit a single-page request at any time and expect a quick decision.


Simply email your request letter to

(Please see details in section III item (d) in Recompense Fund Grant Guidelines)


1. The Recompense Fund’s Rapid Response Team also stands ready to help our Chebeague Non-Profits prepare larger grant requests for funding. Simply send an email to with a request for help. (Please see details in section IV in Recompense Fund Grant Guidelines). 


2. We are also here to help you manage the funds you have already received from The Recompense Fund.  We are implementing a one-time relaxation of expenditure requirements of previously granted, unexpended RF funds to any Chebeague non-profit, including allowing the use of these funds for operating purposes as authorized by any recipient’s Board of Directors/Trustees.

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What is The Recompense Fund?


The Recompense Fund is dedicated exclusively to Chebeague. It is a 501(c)3 philanthropic organization. Formerly called the The Recompense Foundation, it was founded in 1991. Since transitioning from a single donor foundation in 2013, the Recompense Fund has grown rapidly to over 500 donors who give generously of their resources and ideas.

Check out The Fund's grant application guidelines. They include many features and opportunities for island nonprofits.


CONTACT US: The Recompense Fund  •  Post Office Box 42 • Chebeague Island, ME 04017

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