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Making A Difference

The Recompense Fund is a community asset that brings resources to island nonprofits to support their efforts to sustain Chebeague Island as a year-round community.

The Recompense Fund is pleased to announce our Chebeague Nonprofit Community  received $69,800 in 2023 grants.


Our Annual Celebration for all nonprofits, donors and the whole Island community was Monday, August 21 at 5:00pm at the Rec Center.  All Chebeague nonprofits had an opportunity to present their work, vision and goals. Thank you to all who participated and joined us for this event. We look forward to another celebration in the summer of 2024.

Love My Island Video
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You can click on the video above to unmute and also see it full screen!

The "Love My Island" video was created from 100's of photos sent to Chip and the Recompense Fund. As promised, all the people sending photos were put into a raffle with prizes gifted by a donor. To see a video of the drawing, click here.  Congratulations to the winners of the raffle: $100 gift certificate to the Inn to Vicki Riddle Todd; $50 gift certificate to the Slow Bell to Richard Schellens; $25 gift certificate to the Niblic to Julie Doughty; $25 gift certificate to the Island Market to Erika Neumann.


The Island Video

Click here see the video


It has been a tough year and, like always, the people of Chebeague came through with countless acts of kindness and caring.


We thought it would be fun to assemble some video and pictures of organizations and people who love Chebeague. 


There was so much to look at, we decided to make two videos.


The "Love My Island Video" is the selfies video with photos emailed over the month of September and October 2020 to Chip to be included.


The "Island Video" is a special island video where Barrie  Shepherd reads the poem he wrote for it. 


A big thank you to our director, Chip Emery for his vision and Chip and his son John, who have been instrumental in creating these videos. Thank you to Barrie Shepherd and all who helped and submitted selfies and photos.


click here to download Barrie's Poem

What is The Recompense Fund?


The Recompense Fund is dedicated exclusively to Chebeague. It is a 501(c)3 philanthropic organization. Formerly called the The Recompense Foundation, it was founded in 1991. Since transitioning from a single donor foundation in 2013, the Recompense Fund has grown rapidly to over 500 donors who give generously of their resources and ideas.


The Board of The Recompense Fund is delighted to announce we have become a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization with our own distinct tax identification number (84-4249483). We are continuing our affiliation with the MCF, and have elected to have them manage our permanent and board designated funds. 


All donations to Recompense should now be sent to our Chebeague Post Office Box 42, Chebeague Island, Maine, 04017. Please email our Treasurer, Jim Van Fleet, at to discuss gifts of stock or any estate planning gift intentions. For your records, please note that our federal tax i.d. # is 84-4249483.

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